Church Inspection

Following our SIAMS inspection, steps have been taken to address the Areas of Development.

  • St Egwin’s is a school that is ambitious for all its pupils and staff.
  • Collective worship is in the process of being restructured
  • Religious education (RE) is led very well. Pupils have a good understanding of a range of faiths and so know how to treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • A particular strength of the school is the love, care and support given to more vulnerable pupils and families.
  • Pupils have a wealth of extracurricular experiences that add to their sense of belonging and community.
  • The school has developed a rich curriculum that takes pride in enabling pupils to see themselves as global citizens.
  • A driving force of the school is the love and respect staff and pupils have for each other.
  • The school council takes a strong lead in many areas of the life of the school.
  • The pastoral work of the school is a strength.

Our Latest SIAMS Report

SWGfL Report Harmful Content

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