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Revamping the House System at St Egwin's

We have made the decision from September to rename the five Houses that pupils are placed into at St Egwin's. The House system offers a wonderful opportunity for pupil's to get an additional sense of belonging and pride during their time at the school and whilst I want to keep the strong ethos associated with being in one of the 5 Houses, having worked with Mr Langley and Mrs Leeson, we felt that moving away from the theme of minerals for House names to using incredible people from across a range of topics would serve the purpose of inspiring our pupil's even further.

We have maintained the colours associated with each House but we hope that the rebranding of Houses to associate with incredible people will further inspire all our pupil's and help them to realise that they too are capable of amazing things. We will be launching a range of additional competitions and prizes associated with the new system and are looking forward to new pupil leadership opportunities to help their fellow pupils in what will doubtless be some competitive friendly rivalry ahead!

Name Topic/Subjects House Motto
(Formerly Jade - Green)
Natural World "Be responsible for all life on earth"
(Formerly Quartz - Purple)
Literature "Impossible must be possible"
(Formerly Zircon - Orange)
Maths "Do things that no one can imagine"
(Formerly Saphire - Blue)
Sport "Respect yourself, respect others"
(Formerly Topaz - Yellow)
Science "Have perseverance and above all confidence"

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