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Gifted and Talented and More Able

St Egwin’s CE Middle School aims to challenge all pupils by providing a wide range of opportunities both in the classroom and beyond.

In Year 6 pupils are grouped by ability for English. Maths and Humanities. Lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of all learners so that each individual is able to progress at a rate matched to their ability. There is a positive ethos of wanting to learn, of wanting to be the best possible. More able pupils are encouraged to tackle more difficult and demanding concepts, never to do more of the same. Teachers employ a range of strategies, including IT, to stretch and motivate the ablest.

More subjects are taught in ability groups as pupils move to Key Stage 3. Generic skills of communication, presentation, research and study skills are included in the curriculum. Each department runs enrichment activities known as SWIPE (Students Working In Pursuit of Excellence) to inspire our youngsters to think more widely and deeply. More able pupils and those who show a particular interest or aptitude are included.

We are proud of the breadth of extra-curricular clubs and events that pupils can become involved in. There is a full range of sports clubs that make the most of our excellent facilities, including the Sports Hall and the extensive grounds. Music is well supported and peripatetic teachers come in to teach wind, brass, string and piano. Each year we have our Music Festival culminating in the awarding of the Musician of the Year trophy and a concert. We also have our Masterchef Competition for aspiring cooks. Each year we perform the school’s drama production at the Evesham Arts Centre to full audiences. In 2016 the production of Mary Poppins was a particular success.

We feel it is important to give pupils the chance to carry responsibility and invite applications for School Ambassadors, School Council membership, Peer Mentors and Young Leaders. We hope to resume our Youth Challenge programme that has been temporarily suspended due to staff absence this year.

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