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Careers Fair

St Egwin's Middle School are proud to present their 2023 Careers fair.

Careers Fair participation will include 40-minute small group sessions with a member of staff present. We hope these will Inform and challenge pupils about career choices and job information - the more interactive appealing and intriguing, the better. The sessions could take a variety of forms not limited to but including; question and answer, presentations, planned activities, virtual or hands on activities, videos of your workplace or of different job roles.

With your support and participation, we anticipate a thought-provoking day for the pupils, and we strongly believe that you will enjoy it, too. Please can we ask you to consider joining us and distributing this request to your network of colleagues, family and friends.

The date is the 10th July 2023 at St Egwin’s CE Middle School, Worcester Road, Evesham, WR11 4JU.

Please can you complete the form below to express your interest and inform us of your availability

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