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At St Egwin's Middle School we use the 'Five Ways To Well Being' as a basis for our Mental Health improvement and Wellbeing framework.

These five strands have been researched globally and proven to be effective tools in the daily battle of modern life, to keep our sense of wellbeing buoyant and light.

We endeavour to qualify all of our staff in Mental Health First Aid in order for them to be equipped to identify significant drops in pupil and staff wellbeing and suggest appropriate interventions.

Our intervention programs are in three tiers that reflect the severity of the issue but our first wave is delivered to all pupils through various lessons and collective worship experiences giving the benefit to all.

We have two fully qualified .b mindfulness teachers on board and two qualified counsellors on role that help to keep all pupils and staff feeling mentally strong, resilient and confident.

If you would like to know more about the Five Ways To Well Being please click here

One of the strands is particularly relevant to me as Head of PE, that being the 'Keep Active' strand. If you would like to know a little more about the science behind using physical activity to maintain or improve mental health and wellbeing then please click here.

Stu Taylor
Designated Senior Lead for Mental Health and Head of PE

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