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Department Vision:

At St Egwin’s, the Modern Foreign Language Department is committed to creating and developing enthusiastic and independent learners. We believe that languages should be something that all pupils embrace and are passionate about, establishing a learning environment that encourages students to feel confident about taking risks and developing informed opinions about the world around them. Our curriculum focuses on learning and developing independent thinking to enhance their skills, ask questions and enjoy challenges.
Learning a language provides all students, irrespective of prior knowledge, with key skills and fundamental basics that they can use to learn other languages, fostering their curiosity and deepening their understanding of the wider world.
Due to high levels of teaching and engagement, we would like our students to take their linguistic knowledge and be able to utilise it on a global level in their future lives and careers beyond St Egwin’s.



Trips abroad are offered at KS3 to Years 7 and 8. The trips are alternated each year between Francophone and Hispanic countries. In April 2019 we took the school’s first trip to Spain, visiting Barcelona for 5 days. This was a very popular and oversubscribed trip where students got to immerse themselves into both the culture and language, with daily language lessons as well as visits to the Sagrada Familia, Salvador Dalí’s museum, Camp Nou and even squeezed in a theme park on the last day!

Language Ambassadors:

What is a Language Ambassador?

A language ambassador is an exciting role that is open to any student in Year 7 and 8. As a languages ambassador, you will represent the Modern Foreign Languages Department and help promote language learning around school. 

What do I have to do?

If chosen for the role you will be expected to:
•    Represent the department at open evenings.
•    Help out at any events throughout the year.
•    Run lunchtime clubs
•    Become a ‘buddy’ to a KS2 pupil to help them with their French.
•    Go into first schools and talk to children about languages at St Egwin’s and give them taster lessons.
•    Help out in assemblies.







Useful Links:

Schemes of work - Y6 Y7 Y8
Dictionaries - French | Spanish
Vocab Booklets - KS2 KS3


Useful Documents

SWGfL Report Harmful Content

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