What pupils are learning about in History.
  Year 6 Year 7 Year 8
Autumn 1 Britain since the 1930s. Britain in the 1930s. Why was there a World War? How did WW2 affect peoples’ lives? Medieval Realms. Medieval kingship. Saxons and Normans. Battles of Stamford Bridge & Hastings. Feudal System & Domesday Book. Henry II & Thomas Becket. The Making of the UK. Life in the 1500s. Protestant & Catholic. Henry VIII (Reformation). Mary I.
Autumn 2 War in Europe. What were the effects of war? Were the 1960s swinging? King John & Magna Carta. Crusades and Religion. The Hundred Years War. Elizabeth I & The Spanish Armada. Gunpowder Plot.
Spring 1 Famous People Source interpretations. Knowledge & Understanding. Developing evaluative, analytical & inference skills. Famous People studied include: Elizabeth I, Darwin, Louis XVI, Nelson, Napoleon, Custer, Henry Ford, Einstein, Columbus, Brunel and much more! Black Death. Peasants’ Revolt. The Roman Empire. Source Skills. Causes of the Civil War. Civil War (Battles, tactics and key players). Charles I trial & execution. Oliver Cromwell.
Spring 2 Famous People Continued. Start & growth of the Empire: Army & Enemies. Caesar. Charles II (Restoration). London – Plague & Fire. James II & Glorious Revolution.
Summer 1 Ancient Greece. Where and when was ancient Greece? Who did the ancient Greeks. What do we know about the Roman way of life? Language, towns, technology etc. The Black Peoples of the Americas. Causes of slavery. Slave Trade. Plantations & Revolts.
Summer 2 The legacy of ancient Greece. How do we know about the ancient Greeks? Roman influence. What happened to the Roman Empire? Collapse & Legacy. Opposition to slavery. US Civil War. Emancipation. Civil Rights.

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