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Summary update for families 7th May

May 7, 2021 -- Posted by : admin

Please click here for the video update.

Update for families Friday 7th May 2021

1.    Rates of infection are still very much lower now and have stayed down. No cases in school for quite a while. We are wary of a summer surge in cases.

2.    Our attendance is well above the national figure.  We are currently at 95.6% (2.3% above national).  That means about 10-12 more children are getting into school regularly than other schools.  So important!

3.    Clear messaging from local and national government to stick to the current restriction for the time being.

A reminder: • bubble separation • social distancing • self-isolating with symptoms and as a close contact • PCR testing for COVID-19 symptoms • hand/respiratory hygiene.

We are able to do more activities outside as long as we stick to the risk assessments.  I am excited about my first Y6 cricket club on Tuesdays after school.  So nice to see children returning to sports clubs.  Feels very normal. Pupils continue to come into school in their PE kits on the days they have PE or sports clubs.

4.    Provisional plans for 21/6 onwards:  we are very excited and optimistic about the last month of school.  We are busily planning in no end of fun stuff (e.g. sports day and an amazing Y8 leavers’ experience).  We are totally committed to making the last 4 weeks (if all goes as the government has planned) as brilliant a finish to year as we can muster.

5.    There is more going on: swimmers in Y6 are back in the pool, Steve Boycott is working with our Y8s. Tuck at break time is back and really popular.  This week the rota for KS3 looks like 78787 across the 5 days.

6.    Face-coverings: we have been told to continue wearing masks in school and in the classroom.  This is optional.  I had been seeing a significant number of children wearing masks while they are walking to school or on the year at break.  There is no requirement to do so.  However, we have seen a big reduction in children wearing masks on the way to and from school – this is a good move!

7.    Teams calls for more road map information: following on from the success of the Zoom calls last year, we will offer a series of calls with key staff to help you understand better the restrictions and plans for the next term.  Watch out for a ParentMail about this soon.

Y8s: what do families want to know about the transition to High School? What are your concerns about the experience your children will have as they graduate and move on? What will school like in the near future?

Y6/7: What will school like in the near future? Will we be back to normal in September?

8.    It’s week 1 on the 10th. Remember, they’ll still be coming into school in PE kit on the days they have PE.

9.    Dates for the online parent/carer evenings: 19th and 25th May from 1530 to 1900.

10. Testing at home: Remember: if anyone in the household tests positive with the LFD tests, pleas immediately book a PCR/community test.

11. The twice-weekly rapid flow testing can be accessed:

              • via employers if they offer testing to employees

              • at a local test site -  www.worcestershire.gov.uk/communitytesting

              • by collecting a home test kit from a test site – check this online map

• by ordering a home test kit online Schools, nurseries and colleges testing: order coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid lateral flow home test kits - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk

12. Shorts for uniform: proper school uniform shorts (some of the boys still have them from first school) as perfectly acceptable uniform.  I am surprised we don’t see more.

13. ePraise logins: to be able to access reports and other functions, please make sure you watch out for the letter this week.  We will help you to access it if you have lost your password, etc.

14. Marathon Preparation.  I’ve struggled with my back in the last 2-3 weeks.  I’ve had a slipped disc for 20 years and it can flare up as any of you know who suffer from the condition.  Yoga has allowed me to be active – it’s such a brilliant form of exercise! I had neglected to practise yoga as regularly in the last year but have gone back to it and I am confident I can return to my programme tomorrow – gently.  Just like this old jogger, all of us need to respect our needs and take the time for our self-care, especially in this time of recovery. Namaste.


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