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Summary update for families 29th January

Jan 29, 2021 -- Posted by : admin

Click here for the video update for families.

Dear families of St. Egwin’s,

Each week (where appropriate), I will stream a video update for you and then post a short summary version of it on the website.  We are working to refine our communication and believe a choice of a video for 9-10 minutes or a very short summary of it could be the best way to reach the most people.

Summary update:

1.     Schools are planning for a return from the 8th of March.  This means we are half way through this current lockdown period.

2.     What have our children lost and how can we help? Please consider that: the children will be missing both friends and the ebb and flow of normal interactions; they will feel they have lost freedom and are a little trapped possibly (they need to get out!); they might be scared and confused about the virus – negative news feeds in their social media platforms won’t help; they’re missing things and activities that we would all take for granted.  We need to be creative as parents/carers and school staff to fill these gaps.

3.     Lots of changes about what to do if your child has symptoms, attending school, self-isolation, booking tests.  A letter will come from the local authority soon.  Please do not send your child to school with any symptoms.  Keep them home, call the school and let us talk you through the new rules.

4.     I want to stress your role in the engagement of your children at home.  Please take this seriously if you are not already on top of it.  Their interest will drop-off.  They need to be monitored, pushed gently, rewarded.  Your part in this could make the difference, we feel.  Remember: this work is not optional!

5.     Remote learning: the 2-3 live lessons that your children are receiving (on average per day) is probably as much as we and they can cope with.  It’s more intense for all.  We are reviewing the provision and will be in touch soon for your thoughts.

6.     Homework: there should be little of this to be done.  If it’s: not involving the screen and just a bit of finishing off, that’s ok.  If it’s fun, challenging and low stress, that’s ok, too.

7.     Staff are returning from Covid-19 but some are still poorly.  We wish all a prompt return to health.

8.     Y6 bubble closure returns on Tuesday 2nd.

9.     Amy Allen (English team) starts her maternity! She’s talking about evicting a small person – we wish her a smooth labour.   We have Mr. Terry replacing her for the time being.  He’s well known to staff and pupils.  A very safe pair of hands

10.  22% case reduction of the virus in Worcestershire over the last week.

11.  Laptops: 38 went out (more on order) – sadly they are not all of a very good spec so some have had to be returned.  It’s a real pity that the government couldn’t have got this right at the start.  We have a short waiting list for a device.  We are working hard to support families.

12.  Vaccination: some rumours of school staff being vaccinated early – but no details.


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