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Summary update for families 28th May

May 28, 2021 -- Posted by : admin

Please click here for the video update.

Update for families Friday 28th May 2021

1.    Rates of infection locally have started to show some signs of increasing and we have to make sure we are playing our part in keeping transmission to low levels.  We hope the 21/6 relaxations, that are planned, are going to be on track when the government next review their progress.

2.    Our attendance is well above the national figure.  We are currently at 95.5%.

3.    The government and local authority are advising us to avoid making too many changes to the arrangements in school:

  • Many restrictions remain, such as keeping year group bubbles apart, maintaining social distancing, testing twice a week, no year group assemblies, etc.
  • Children are not required to wear masks in school, in classrooms, or in the corridors, etc.  This is great news!  Children have stopped wearing them apart from a handful for specific reasons.  The improvement in school is massive!
  • Staff do not have to wear masks when working with children.  Some staff might require them to wear a mask if there are working in closer proximity (e.g. Teaching Assistants).

Breakfast club cannot restart yet due to the guidance on mixing bubbles.  We plan to support families through provision of a snack.

4.    What might change in June/July?

  • Will we move the children from room to room for their lessons? We’d like to since it is the usual way of doing things.  Too much change – even good things – can be tough on children so we will tackle this sensibly.
  • Will Year Groups be mixed, e.g. in a whole-school assembly or on the field at lunchtime? I certainly hope for this.  If we can, we absolutely will.​​​​​​​
  • Will lessons like music and art return to normal practical activities? As soon as the government gives us the green light, we will return to normal.​​​​​​​
  • Will LFD tests and masks be needed? We don’t know. I don’t think masks will be needed this summer but testing might remain.​​​​​​​
  • After-school clubs? These are already returning in a modified program.
  • Transition to high school and 6-7, 7-8? This will look as it has for previous years.

5.    Answering your questions on assessment: How do we know where the kids are, what the gaps are, and how to we address these?

  • Every single lesson and whenever we look at work or books we are assessing.  Every question/answer and every comment helps to know where your child is in their learning.  The range of low-stress pop tests at the end of units really helps, too.  We call this formative assessment.  It goes on as normal.
  • When this is complemented by summative assessment – the big end-of-term/-year assessments, we get the full picture.  We have Eng and Maths tests every year in the summer.  These are marked outside school and the results sent to us.  We are doing these as normal.  There are no Y6 SATs this year but we will do our own version.
  • Teachers then adapt the next lesson and the next to take account of the pupils’ performance.  This is just the same as normal – if a little trickier at the moment due to the restrictions in school life.
  • We also assess the pupils’ mood, happiness, resilience, etc. through a series of formal and informal ways.  This is often more important than the academic side.

6.    What are we planning for September?

  • We believe that our provision is strong and we can respond to the reopening very well.  Here’s the basic recipe:
  • We will teach our excellent curriculum well and expect and get hard work and great behaviour from the children.
  • We will promote very good attendance from all.
  • We will look after the children as we always do.  There will be more children requiring more help (including with their wellbeing), and we are ready to respond to this need.  The right staff in the right place at the right time.
  • We will ensure that the curriculum is rich in and out of lessons.  Lots of stuff to do.  Lots of opportunities.
  • Relationships (our school strength) will be nurtured through the most effective speaking & listening skills.
  • All pupils will be encouraged to get a love of reading.
  • We will help children to help themselves by making them more aware of how they are learning.
  • All staff will design their lessons around a curriculum for wellbeing: what is it that our children need?
  • There will an extra set on the timetable to help us to personalise learning even better to enable all to thrive.

7.    Provisional plans for the end of the year:  we are very excited and optimistic about the last part of the school year.  We have been busily planning in no end of fun stuff (e.g. sports day and an amazing Y8 leavers’ experience).  I’ve seen the calendar: sports days, theme days around science, off-site trips to the woods for some Y6s, Y8s taking part in a geography field trip off-site, overnight Y8 camping fun bouncy castle day, European Champs fun activities, valedictory assembly/service, picnic fun, Y8 hoodies and transfer day.  It looks even funkier than normal!

8.    Reminder about testing at home: Remember: if anyone in the household tests positive with the LFD tests, please immediately book a PCR/community test.

9.    Over the holiday, please report cases to us on [email protected]

10. Tuck at break time is back and is really popular – cheese on toast looks amazing!  Next week the rota for KS3 looks like 87878 across the 5 days.

11. Teams calls for more road map information: following on from the success of the Zoom calls last year, we will offer a series of calls with key staff to help you understand better the restrictions and plans for the next term.  Thank you for the response from families: dates and times of Teams meetings will be sent out soon.  

12. It’s week 2 when we return from half-term. Remember, they’ll still be coming into school in PE kit on the days they have PE or sports clubs.

13. Numbers were up at the last two parent/carer evenings (on Teams).  Thank you to so many families that have supported the school community with their actions, and their kind words.

14. Cricket club with my Y6s was fab even though the weather hasn’t been great for us! So nice to get back to after-school clubs and that relaxed and fun way of spending time together.  Some clubs are happening now.

15. I have been encouraged by the Head and Deputy Boys and Girls to adopt the “Headteacher’s Charity” for this year.  I’ll run the London Marathon for the school, for the charity.  11 miles planned for tomorrow morning.  Eeeek!



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