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Summary update for families 23rd April

Apr 23, 2021 -- Posted by : admin

Please click here for the video update.

Update for families Friday 23rd April 2021

1.    Rates of infection are still very much lower now and have stayed down. No cases in school for quite a while.

2.    School is feeling more normal and the lovely weather has allowed us to use the outdoor space even more.  Planning sports clubs, Quidditch Day activities, rock band (behind my office with lots of Status Quo!), a new 150 names on next year’s Y6 list and many other things remind me that we are getting back to normal.  It’s a relief.

3.    No government move in terms of guidance to schools and a relaxing of the strict rules.  We continue as we were.

4.    In line with the government’s road map out of restrictions, we have our own school version that I will summarise for you here (this will be reviewed on a weekly basis):

With immediate effect.

·       Tuck/break-time snack: this restarts on Monday 26th with the following arrangements. The canteen will be open as normal for children to purchase snacks. Y6 every day. Y7 and Y8 will have rotate one day at a time.  Monday 26th is Y7, Tues is Y8, Weds is Y7 (so 78787) and then the following week will be 87878.

·       Outdoor clubs will resume in the next few days.  We will restrict these to year groups only (e.g. Y7 athletics club) to keep the bubbles separate.

·       Music lessons outside in the amphitheatre and more music teachers working at school.

·       Pupils continue to come into school in their PE kits on the days they have PE.

·       May onwards.

·       Breakfast club resumes in May.

·       More use of science practicals in the lab.

·       Increased number of visitors in school.

·       More face-to-face meetings with groups (school council, head girls, etc).


·       Transition day on the 30th of June goes ahead with Y8s attending high school and Y5s joining us for the day.

·       Upton Warren trip, etc: these have had to be cancelled sadly.

5.    Big events planning: We will plan events that can be put into the calendar at short notice.  We are particularly keen to plan Y8 leavers’ activities in to enable the children to move on in the right way.

6.    Face-coverings: we have been told to continue wearing masks in school and in the classroom.  This is optional.  I’m seeing a significant number of children wearing masks while they are walking to school or on the year at break.  There is no requirement to do so.  Wearing masks all the time is very uncomfortable, makes communication especially difficult and could cause more anxiety.  Please talk to your child about this.  We will remind all children on the best way to use face-coverings.

7.    Teams calls for more road map information: following on from the success of the Zoom calls last year, we will offer a series of calls with key staff to help you understand better the restrictions and plans for the next term.  Watch out for a ParentMail about this soon.

8.    It’s week 1 on the 26th. Remember, they’ll still be coming into school in PE kit on the days they have PE.

9.    Dates for the online parent/carer evenings: 19th and 25th May from 1530 to 1900.  Booking will open soon after Easter.

10. Testing at home: these were sent home for the Easter holidays with the children involved with the Y7 & Y8 testing programme.  This system will continue for the time being.  Remember: if anyone in the household tests positive with the LFD tests, pleas immediately book a PCR/community test.

11. The twice-weekly rapid flow testing can be accessed:

• via employers if they offer testing to employees

• at a local test site -  www.worcestershire.gov.uk/communitytesting

• by collecting a home test kit from a test site – check this online map


• by ordering a home test kit online Schools, nurseries and colleges testing: order coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid lateral flow home test kits - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk

12. Epraise logins: to be able to access reports and other functions, please make sure you watch out for the letter this week.  We will help you to access it if you have lost your password, etc.

13. Marathon Preparation.  I’m inside the 6-month period now and have already booked my hotel just outside London.  Have stuck to the plan so far and feeling good.  I am planning on asking for your support for my charity fundraising in the next couple of weeks.


Praise God, you running feet and creaking knees,
Praise him, your beating heart and aging frame.
Praise him with every breath from Claines to Worcester.
Praise him, you cracked paths and changing traffic lights.
Praise him, every commuter in slow-moving cars and buses
Praise God for this glorious day.


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