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Summary update for families 19th March

Mar 19, 2021 -- Posted by : admin

Please click here for the video update.

Update for families Friday 19th March 2021

1.     Rates of infection are still very much lower now and going down.  Cases continue to remain low.

2.     We have loved being able to welcome the children back.  It’s Red Nose Day today.  Seeing scores of red-clad youngsters playing and laughing on the playground just now was a really lovely way to lift my spirits.  Looks so normal.

3.     Normality for us is the calendar of events that we usually enjoy, like sports day, drama club, choir rehearsal, Quarter Marathon Day.  We are planning to return to these as soon as we can.  I have some personal news in this regard: I have gained a place in the London Marathon in October.  Taking part in it will be a wonderful way to celebrate coming out of the pandemic restrictions.  The school community has already supported me through 4 marathon runs and I look forward to that support again – although the green fairy dress that was made for me once wasn’t was I would call support!

4.     Week 2 of the return and again, very strong attendance, excellent behaviour and a quick return to routines. 

5.     It’s week 2 next week. Remember, they’ll be coming into school in PE kit on the days they have PE.

6.     Symptoms reminder. We are all aware of the 3 main covid-19 symptoms.  If your child has other symptoms, give a ring to discuss them, please.

7.     Bubble Closure.  Frustratingly, one Year 7 form has had to self-isolate for 10 days following a case in the community.   Can I thank families for being so calm and even-handed about this.  We applied the risk assessment guidance in conjunction with public health advice.  We have redistributed laptops where needed and the children are getting a diet of remote and live lessons.  The two Year 6 groups sent home last week are back on Monday.

8.     LFD test kits for children: these are being sent home with the children (please see the consent ParentMail today) involved with the Y7 & Y8 testing programme. The instructions are in the boxes.  We don’t know how long we’ll all be asked to do this testing at home.

9.     LFD tests for parents and carers (and other adults in the household) of our pupils.  You can these tests (to administer at home) from:

  1. Your employer (they may not yet know much about this offer, possibly).
  2. Collect some test kits from sites. https://find-covid-19-rapid-test-sites.maps.test-and-trace.nhs.uk/
  3. Order kits to be delivered. https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests
  4. OR
  5. Take a test at a LFD test site. https://maps.test-and-trace.nhs.uk/

10.     Masks/face coverings in classrooms.  It is not compulsory for pupils to wear masks in school, although most do.  The pupils are managing so well with them.  We are advising pupils that they are allowed to remove their face covering briefly if it starts to be an issue, including when communicating. 

11.     Uniform and equipment: I’m impressed with how good uniform is! We will continue to be kind regarding this when pupils are not as smart as possible.  Reminder, pupils need: a full pencil case (they can’t share with friends but we will give them items if they are struggling); a reading book; a water bottle (or 2).  Don’t worry about things like football boots at the moment – we’ll let you know if this changes.

12.     Bus bay: no cars/drop-offs at all in the bus bay.  You are sticking to this brilliantly.

13.     Vaccinations: staff are beginning to get these more and more.  I get mine on Monday!

14.     Survey feedback.  Thank you so much for so many of you taking the time to complete this week’s 1-year-on review.  I can honestly say I am so grateful for the praise for what the school has done.  Without wanting to rest on our laurels and think the battle is over, I genuinely believe that this is a good time to review and celebrate what we have achieved.  We have worked together to support our youngsters to feel connected, cared for, listened to and, importantly, realise that they have to keep on working.   I feel very proud of Eggies today.

15.     What is our aim for this next ‘recovery’ period: we want happy, hard-working & well-behaved pupils.  Getting back into the routines.  Enjoying the contact with others in a calm and civilised way.  Having fun through learning.  We know that they will be a little rusty and we will need to take care to get the basics right. We will be listening to them, watching to see how there are, get them back to learning effectively, scoop up those who are struggling a bit more than usual.  Don’t expect a wave of tests!  Love Respect Endeavour: we will show our respect to the pupils by the way we care for them at this difficult time.

16.     How can you help?

  1. Look for changes in your child’s behaviour and mood.
  2. Talk to your child – are they feeling anxious, excited, relieved?  This mood swings can be strong indicators that are struggling to cope with big feelings.  Talking about things can often take the heat out of the situation – remember things are rarely as good or as bad as we imagine.  Find a time to listen to them.
  3. Be patient – everything might take a little more time.
  4. Have the children identified the 3 or 4 staff that they feel most comfortable talking to about their worries?
  5. Try out their uniform and shoes now: we know they will have grown and the shops are not all open. 
  6. Sleep: Y8s particularly look a bit bleary-eyed!


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