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Summary Update for Families 11th February

Feb 11, 2021 -- Posted by : admin

Dear families of St. Egwin’s,

Each week (where appropriate), I will stream a video update for you and then post a short summary version of it on the website.  We are working to refine our communication and believe a choice of a video for 9-10 minutes or a very short summary of it could be the best way to reach the most people.
Summary update:
1.    Schools are planning for a return from the 8th of March.  This means after half-term, we only have 2 teaching weeks left of this current lockdown period.  Can we speculate about a phased return?  The PM will share the plans on the 22nd – the day we come back after the holiday – we’ll know more then hopefully.  I’d like to think the youngest would return first if we had the choice. 
2.    Can I thank you for the remarkable effort you are making at home.  I am concerned about the engagement of some pupils and I ask myself: is the honeymoon period over on Microsoft Teams? We feel that the children’s interest has waned a bit.  We all need to be driving the children to work, maintaining that healthy balance – work hard and low stress.  It makes me realise just how good schools can be at that very juggling act.  I pride myself on how good our staff are at it.
3.    Remote learning: the average of 3 live lessons/a day that your children are receiving is probably as much as we and they can cope with.  It’s more intense for all.  Some of you think they should have more live lessons; many parents & carers want less screen time.  We’ll strike a common-sense balance.
4.    A reminder: we have reviewed our provision and to freshen things up we will: increase the number of Form Times (allowing more social contact); use the break-out rooms more (where children can work together in small groups); introduce live assemblies; reminding pupils that staff don’t always use the full 60 minutes if a break is needed; encouraging pupils to get outside every day if possible; some judicious use of screen free periods/time to get up from the desk and do something completely different. You clearly support our changes based on your response to this week’s survey.  Thank you.
5.    We’d like your children to turn their cams on in the live lessons if they can get over their shyness – it is so much easier to teach if we can see their expressions and body language.  We are having a backgrounds competition and I’m supplying the prizes! They also need to take a bit more responsibility in terms of contributing to conversations in group chats.  Eggie’s kids have never been backward in coming forwards in school!
6.    A break-out room is a separate group chat on a live lesson that allows 5-10 pupils to exist in a separate ‘room’ to break the groups up.  Staff can set work in there, pop in to join the conversation and even spy on them!  It’s like a table group in school.
7.    Key Worker/Vulnerable groups: thank you for supporting our provision in school by only using it as a last resort.
TED day tomorrow – I challenge the children to avoid screens as far into the day as possible.  I want to hear from them what they did instead – email me to share!
Have a great half term!


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