School Vision

Love, Respect & Endeavour

We, the pupils, staff and governors, of St Egwin's C.E. Middle School, endeavour to create and maintain a happy, caring and purposeful ethos where relationships are based on respect in a fair and inclusive community. Everyone has the right to feel safe and valued for the person they are. We regard the social, emotional and spiritual development of children to be at the core of our daily responsibilities. Our part in nurturing decent human beings is as important as academic success.

We have staff from all kinds of backgrounds and we seek to draw on the best of each persons’ experience.  Our school has developed to look like a secondary school but have a primary school heart in it.

Relationships are at the centre of our school.  Showing care, respect and love in every interaction between all children and adults (as a family-community) is the way we foster these relationships. As a Church of England school, we strive to live according to Christian principles, fostering in the young: tolerance, forgiveness and love.

It is our belief that pupils want to learn, to know how to learn and should be able to tackle new challenges with confidence, inquisitiveness and enthusiasm.  Creativity in all its guises is celebrated. To maximise potential and for everyone to enjoy success is our ultimate goal.  Pupils are consulted and involved in decisions through the school council, pupil forum and eco-council. At St Egwin’s C.E. Middle School, it is important to us that our pupils become healthy, responsible citizens of the twenty-first century.

We are committed to providing the best facilities and resources possible. As a modern-looking school, we aim to embrace new technologies but also value enduring, traditional approaches to education such as good manners and a smart uniform.   

We seek to work collaboratively with parents and to be fully involved in the community of our town and the wider global community, understanding the faiths, cultures and needs of others.

I ask the children, the time, to think about school life in this way:

Do the little things, really well, repeatedly.


Our Shared Values

Forgiveness Thankfulness Respect Tolerance Kindness Integrity Humility Hope Honesty Loyalty Love/Care Equality Generosity Compassion Belonging Service Perseverance Family

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